Is your Facebook ad account restricted from Advertising? Here’s how to prevent and resolve!


Lots of advertisers are left with disabled ad accounts in Q4, 2020. This might be related to election season and more strict rules for ad accounts during this period. While your block might be incorrectly, be sure to check the tips below before escalating this to Facebook Support. You might have violated the Advertising Policies or your Business isn’t verified and could be a potential risk.

Learn more about the most common reasons why your Ad Account gets restricted or disabled.

How to prevent:

  • First things first! Setup two-factor authentication. Go to Business Manager and head over to the Security Center. Verify that you have two-factor authentication setup or follow the steps to do so.
  • Now also verify your Facebook Business Manager from the Security Center.
Account Quality Dashboard within Facebook Business Manager
  • Review inactive ad accounts and disable the ones you do no longer use
  • Review the status of your Ad Accounts and Ads Rejected
  • Edit all Ads that are currently Rejected to comply to Facebook Ad Policies
edit Ads in Account Quality

How to resolve:

If your Account is Restricted from Advertising, you should login into Business Manager and visit the Account Quality dashboard. Here you will find the reason(s) why your account is disabled/restricted and steps to follow to let Facebook review your account.

Visit your Account Quality Dashboard right here:

The dashboard will guide you about restrictions and disabled assets.

Everything looks good and your Account Quality Dashboard doesn’t provide options to request a review?

Then it’s time to reach out to Facebook Support to let them know you’ve secured your account and would like to request a review of your disabled Ad Account. You can find all eligible support options by visiting this link:

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